the source door, is it open or closed?

Apple vs. Android, bet that’s not the first time you’ve heard that before… two operating systems so different and yet so alike in many ways. Apple is a closed source software, this means that there is a group of Apple employees and code writers that can manipulate and modify the software. Android have an open source software, where users are encouraged to modify codes and customise layouts (ITGCT, 2015).

Whilst Android users might be able to get a wider variety of content as they can access from both Android and App Stores, they also have much less say over the content that could be deemed as questionable by some users. Apple are able to have full control over the content but users may feel like they want a bit of control and therefore opt for Android phones.

But which phone is better?

Branding and marketing play a huge role in a users decision to buy a product. Apple are constantly feeding audiences the idea of having exactly what they need, the best camera, the widest range of music via Apple Music, the latest and greatest technology, but would Apple be any less popular if Android employed these same measures of branding and marketing? Only time will tell…


ITGCT, 2015, Information Technology Group, What’s the Difference Between Open Source and Closed Source Software?


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