There was a time when copyright didn’t exist. Where you could do an assignment without referencing and upload a YouTube video that has some radio noise in the background without having that video removed.

When I think of copyright, I think about illegal music/movie downloads. We’re all guilty of it (even you)! I’ll be the first to admit when my 11 year old primary school bestie showed me an absolute tune and I got home and Limewire’d it.

Or basically my entire high school life when I wanted to binge watch a tv series I’d just download the torrent and save myself from waiting for it to come out on TV.

Today, these things aren’t so easy. Limewire is dead (RIP), and torrenting is just a waste of time because *drum roll please* Netfix! Stan! Presto! $11.99 a month and you have access to thousands of movies, TV series and documentaries… legally! Copyright laws have seen a huge increase in apps like Spotify and Netflix, because you can access a world of content for relatively cheap. Essentially proving that people will pay to get what they want instead of downloading it illegally/for free.





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