(re)mix it up

A remix is defined as ‘a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item.’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remix) Essentially, it’s the combination of texts to create a new text. Sometimes it’s incredible and sometimes you just think:

But all that aside. Whether or not we like them, remixes are happening and they’re happening now more than ever. But why? Well, I think it’s because everyone wants to be a content creator. Not only that, but everyone can be a content creator, all you need it a phone/laptop/brain and you’re just as well equipped as the big dogs. You’re taking something and putting your own spin on it, making it your own. This is called remix culture.

To give you an example, there is a group called Mashd n Kutcher (punny I know), they were discovered on Facebook for their wacky remixes of everyday things. Just one of the examples of how remixes are becoming so easy to create/find in our society today.


2 thoughts on “(re)mix it up

  1. Hi, great post! the use of the gif is entertaining and works well, and your points about the ease of being a content creator and the ubiquity of remixes is spot on! It’s difficult to find a song that hasn’t been remixed these days and with more and more computer programs being created that allow you to remix makes it very easy. Your example using Mashd n Kutcher is great, and really demonstrates how easy it is make a remix out of anything! But, perhaps it may have been more beneficial to add some interactive hyperlinks to show some of your research, just to add more depth to your perspective. If you’re interested, check out this article on remix culture: https://techcrunch.com/2015/03/22/from-artistic-to-technological-mash-up/


  2. Hey Celene,
    great post, just a quick tip the marble background against the text makes it a little difficult to read. You say that a lot if copied and remixed these days do you think it is because the sheer volume of already created works or just the laziness (or appreciation) for the already made content. Check this video out its pretty funny- its about sampling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkzLl_83Fyg


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