i’m lovin’ it (until i become morbidly obese and get heart disease)

There is a growing power of audiences in the media. We saw this in the lecture this week with the #DraftOurDaughters #ImWithHer fake campaign posters created by people on the internet, where they went as far as sharing the exact colours of the real campaign movements with one another to legitimise the fake ones they were putting out there.

Similarly, outraged media audiences took key McDonalds logos/slogans and turned them into bashings of the products.

These two pictures above (from Adbusters.org) show the real repercussions of excessive consumption of the food, taking the friendly face of Ronald McDonald and the adored Big Mac burger and showing them to the audiences in a different light, highlights the detriment that eating this food can have on your health.

These are two examples of many that show how media audiences have taken brands, like Hilary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” campaign, and then similarly with international fast food chain McDonald’s and turned their advertisements into a mockery of their own brand.

Here is a little remix that I did, don’t judge me I’m musically impaired.




One thought on “i’m lovin’ it (until i become morbidly obese and get heart disease)

  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed reading this post. You made good connections between the lecture material and sources of your own, demonstrating your thorough understanding of the topic. You’ve also proven that you can identify links between several different aspects of course content. Despite your personal belief that you’re musically impaired, I loved your “maccy deez” remix!! Check out this article about how Pepe the Frog was turned from an innocent frog into a political propaganda figure through the power of the media audience! http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-pepe-the-frog-hate-symbol-20161011-snap-htmlstory.html


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