tell me what ya want what ya really really want


Media convergence has become increasingly important in the world of media production because of the ability of content producers to interact so freely with their audience. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are just a few of many examples of media platforms that give the content creator the ability to upload and get instant feedback from their audience, a prime example of media convergence.

YouTube is a perfect example of this. Creator uploads content, audience views content, audience spams comments with requests for next video. This might seem so simple, but in a professional sense, it’s literally like taking a survey without having to take a survey and getting an almost instantaneous response.

giphy (1)

A good example of this (Michelle Obama approved), is popular Kiwi beauty influencer ‘Shaaanxo’. Shannon has clocked up almost 3 million subscribers and 310 million views on her channel by uploading makeup related videos. Her videos that I think relate to media convergence the most are the ‘product review’ videos, which is where she buys a product and reviews it upon request from her subscribers, allowing them to hear her opinion before purchasing it themselves. Below are a few examples of the feedback she is given from her audience, which allows her to keep creating relevant and requested content > pay her bills, and for her audience to genuinely enjoy and find benefit from her videos > request content > pay her bills.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.16.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.16.20 PM


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