IMG_3570 IMG_3570-glitched-3-23-2017-5-35-03-PM

If you had of asked me a week ago what a glitch was I would’ve answered an annoying malfunction on my computer which results in a very triggered-meme Celene. Ask me today and I guess it’s like… art? Digital art has essentially come about through the manipulation of different components of digital media that are already available to us.

Glitch art, an oddly beautiful form of digital art is “highly saturated rainbow stripes and white noise chopping up an image, pixelated video streams in which the subjects’ words don’t match up with the audio, shimmering and twitching spots in video games” (Roy, 2014)

Whilst the glitch art itself is the “message” here, the “medium” is in actually creating the glitch. We are distorting the art from how it was intended to be seen, and creating something different but equally as #aesthetic, just through seeing it from a different perspective. Using my example above, you still see the umbrellas which are the soul of the photo, but the different colours and light details give it a new aspect which it didn’t really have in the original photo.

Here’s a quick look at how I created my glitch art:

Jamie, C (2016), “Triggered”- A Personal Response to a Popular Meme, 24/3/17,
Github (2017), Image Glitch Tool, 24/3/17



3 thoughts on “gl[itch]y

  1. How awesome is glitch art! I love it because it gives me a nostalgic feeling of when you play old video games or when you watch a slightly damaged VHS tape from a video store (remember those). I think that glitch art can also be a medium in itself though because it tells us a lot about the shift in what we perceive to be beautiful. Check out the artists on this webpage to see what I mean:


  2. The idea of breaking something to create something is amazing but in the digital sense it expands even more.
    This oddly nostalgic feel mixed with new creativity brings completely new life to the content creating what I think is a medium on its own. Something that reminds me a lot of this and is an extremely good example is: (found through the Glitch Art Reddit).


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