Globalisation is characterised by a worldwide increase in interdependence, interactivity, interconnectedness, and the virtually instantaneous exchange of information. It offers “interconnectedness” through the “formation of communities and relationships across geographic, racial, religious and cultural barriers” (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler p.45)

Such “instantaneous exchange of information” is becoming more and more prominent thanks to the ever-growing technologies connecting us to the internet. Technoscapes can be defined as the “global configuration of technology”, for example BBC News, an app and website which essentially gives you insight into the news from all across the globe in one place as it happens.

McLuhan’s ‘Global Village’ allows us to understand that no matter the physical distance between people and cultures in the world, we are able to come together. The ‘global village’ allows information and resources to be freely shared. Like minded people with similar interests from all walks of the globe can come together in such communities.

Through this crucial exchanging of information and knowledge between different cultures, we are experiencing globalisation. A few examples of this is food. Walking into your local shopping centre food court; where you used to only see places that offered burgers and fries like McDonalds or KFC, you are now greeted by an assortment of dishes from countries all around the world. Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian and Mexican just to name a few.

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As globalisation increases and we are able to communicate between cultures, borders are being blurred and we are able to grow a deeper understanding of our brothers and sisters from around the globe.


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