twitter: watson_celene

Hey legend,

My name is Celene Watson. I am an 19 year old living in a country town called Camden in Sydney’s South-West, and am studying a Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Media and Communications at the beautiful UOW; essentially trying to figure out what to do with my life.


Now a second year uni student, I feel pretty settled into university life in the sense that I have a (rough) idea of where most buildings are, where to grab a satisfying post-tutorial avocado smash, how to curate a blog and use Twitter; but still somewhat confused about what’s going to come after graduating.

In my 19 years so far I have done a bit of travelling, I have watched the ten seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. more times than I’m proud to admit, and spent my summer’s watching Cricket and my winter’s watching AFL. I spend too much money on live gigs, and I am studying French here at uni with a hope of travelling overseas and doing a semester on exchange in the next few years.

Communication is an ever growing phenomenon, and I am genuinely fascinated to further understand and explore the ways that the platforms we communicate on, and the ways that we communicate are changing our lives and the lives of others.

So now you know more about me and what I hope to get out of my degree, and I hope you come along and hang out with me whilst I figure this all out.


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